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Why Family Counseling Is More Important than You Think


The family is the basic unit of society. But each family has its own histories and struggles, with each having their own way to cope and go about with things. Each family is a unique case, and sometimes therapy seems to be a necessary intervention.

Bradley D. Ogilvie, MS, LPC, LMFT shares in an article found in, an “association of mental health professionals” who support the efforts to lessen the harm in therapy – “Almost all families enter into therapy because something unpleasant is going on—the illness of a child, addictions, behavioral problems, or relational problems.”

Family therapy’s intention is to strengthen the bond and the connection amongst family members during their challenges. It can affect them emotionally, mentally, and physically. “Family therapy is really about using the power of relationship and love to support each member to be as healthy and whole as possible, which in turn creates a healthier family,” Ogilivie adds.

According to the INSERM Collective Expert Reports, family therapy is proven to be effective in treating mental illness such as bipolar disorder, anorexia, alcohol dependency, and even schizophrenia. The American Psychology Association backs this up by saying that it helps with children’s mental disorders. It is said, “Therapy that includes parents is an effective, essential part of treatment for children’s substance abuse, and conduct disorders and emerging as an effective treatment for depression and anxiety disorders as well.” This is according to a research review published in the September issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

At Better Home Healthcare of GA, we value family relationship. One of the many other Family Intervention Services we offer is Family Counseling, because we see the utmost importance of family and the family’s welfare, as the basic unit of society. Our Family Counseling is facilitated by an experienced child behavioral counselor, who will assess and guide the family throughout the whole process. This in-home therapy focuses on understanding the family’s and the child’s needs for behavioral health improvement and more. For your questions and concerns, you can call us at 678-547-3946, or email us at

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