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How Communication Can Help Save Your Child


The family is the basic unit of society. Hence, our children need the right care and attention that each parent has to give. But over time, family communication and bonding have become a rare thing between parents and children. With little guidance from parents, children tend to believe their peers and the other people they often deal with.

Better Home Healthcare of GA, the leader in Family Intervention Services, we always emphasize the importance of family time and communication. Our teenagers are very hard to read. They are torn between wanting to be independent and still need the affection of their parents.

Based on our experience and years of service, children and their parents have lost contact because of their own individual priorities. The only way to bring back the bond of families is through communication and family time.

Talking to our teens allows us to understand them.

The key to every understanding is through communication. Our teenagers can be quite rebellious and self-centered. Growing up, they only care about what they want and they do not consider what we feel as their parents. But instead, it would be better if we sit down with them and let them tell us anything they want to tell us.

By mere talking and being their listening ear, we are able to get inside their thoughts and have an objective assessment on why they are acting like that. As parents, we must take the liberty to extend our patience to our children.

Listen to their verbal and non-verbal cues.

Our teens may not be telling us everything, but we can get hints here and there through their actions and words. Sometimes, they do not need reprimanding or us being angry. Sometimes, they just need a listening ear.

Whenever our teens try to open up to us, it would be best to hold any comments and remarks first before actually responding to what they say. It would be best to keep our facial expressions neutral so they will not sense that we are judging them, or we are already angry at them. Should we choose to make comments on some issue, we must think of our responses very well.

How do you talk to your child? Do you sound angry, or do you stay calm and neutral all throughout? Rearing children is not an easy job. It requires effort and hard work in order for us to be effective in disciplining and establishing a good relationship with them.

For Family Intervention Services, trust only our experts at Better Home Healthcare of GA. For queries and reservations, you may call us today at 678-547-3946.

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