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Our Services

happy family enjoying day in parkBetter Home Healthcare of GA‘s services focus on creating motivational, family-centered, society-benefiting programs and interventions that fortifies the relations between your child and each member of the family. Analyzing the difficult situation and monitoring your child using an individualized plan, our services prove to improve your family’s current state, where you will realize, build and improve on your potentials. Your child and family’s needs are placed at center.

Service Components

Crisis Intervention
Crisis intervention can be performed at any given time when a situation of trauma arises, usually temporary, no more than a month. When the child or family’s coping skills become difficult, a need for intervention is required. We work intensively at this time of emergency psychological care, our efforts emphasize on the individual/family to regain balance and avoid further long-lasting disruption. The stability of your family is a critical matter.

Individual/Family Counseling
Child and family counseling involve guidance, coaching and training in the setting of their own home. It is in-home therapy where an experienced child behavioral counselor talks with attentive care, is understanding and supportive to the family’s and child’s special behavioral health needs, as well as work on attaining their future of goals.

Home Displacement Prevention
We hope to dissolve the need for therapy performed outside the family home. Counsel and treatment is always more beneficial in the presence of one’s own environment where family members are present. This promotes a more responsive, inviting, and healing atmosphere.

Positive Social Skill and Behavior Training
We structure strategies to build on the social strengths and behavioral relationships of the child involved, the family and the community. Cultural competence will liberate the child from behavioral dysfunctions, thereby enhancing his/her functioning within society.

Develop High Academic Achievement Standards
By planting a seed in the child’s innocent, exploring perspective, he/she will yearn for knowledge and its promising successes. Education is an empowering promoter for a child’s formative growth towards achievement.

Behavioral Management/Respect for Others Training
Managing the behavioral challenges of the child, his/her responses at home and in the community, will help shape the child’s sight for objects, people around, and reality. Our counselor will create an individualized behavioral plan that observes and improves on the child’s respectful nature, whether at home or in other settings.

Community Linkage
We also target on increasing the societal support made available to the child and the family, utilizing its resources and strengthening community-based relationships.

Communication Skill Training(Home/School and Community)
Working on the child’s ability to respond positively to classmates, teachers and people in general, the child will develop a sense of natural connection to his/her surroundings. Through mentorship and teaching, we will improve the child’s capacity to relate with others in all given circumstances.

Substance & Alcohol Prevention
Substance and alcohol can form damaging results to a child’s mental, physical, social and psychological stability. As early as we are able, we will create preventive plans and measures to diminish and gradually repel the need to use alcoholic and substance dependences.

Intensive Family Intervention
Son and father having a counseling sessionStabilizing and preserving the family unit is critical in our nation today. Our goal is to provide stabilization and preservation while providing these services. We also insure that we maintain the child in their natural environment. Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) is utilized for this purpose. This service is authorized by Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) and covered by Georgia Medicaid.

Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) is designed to be an intensive service provided to children and adolescents that have severe emotional disturbances or substance abuse issues. These individuals are at high risk for out of home placement (youth detention center, psychiatric hospital, therapeutic foster care, residential treatment facility, etc.). This service is primarily provided to children and their families in their home.

Additional services are also provided to assist children in schools, community agencies, and courts as needed. The treatment team works with families to build on their strengths and empower them by equipping them with skills needed to meet the needs of the family and avoid out of home placement. IFI services focus on the individual referred for services and their family as a unit.

A team approach using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods is the basis for this treatment. Interventions are determined on an individual basis; the clinical team conducts a comprehensive assessment and strives to meet the client and their family in their natural environment.

Bullying Prevention
Work with children to take steps preventing and responding to bullying situations. Make sure they understand what bullying is and what it is not, the warning signs of bullying, including how to talk to children about bullying. Prevention in schools and communities, and how to support children involved. We educate parents on ways to recognize when your child in being bullied or when your child is bullying other children. We share resources on how to fight against bullying in your children’s schools and communities.

Sex Trafficking Prevention/Counseling
Sex trafficking occurs when people are forced or coerced into the commercial sex trade against their will. Sex trafficking often involves children and teenagers of all ages. Sex traffickers frequently target vulnerable people, like children and teenagers, and those people with histories of neglect, abuse and then use violence, threats, lies, false promises, debt bondage, or other forms of control and manipulation to keep victims involved in the sex industry. We educate children about Sex Trafficking Awareness, share eye-opening statistics about the prevalence of sex trafficking in the US. We educate parents on ways to keep their teens safe and share resources on how to join the fight against human trafficking.