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What Our Developmentally Disabled Loved Ones Want Us To Remember Every Christmas

From November to December, everyone is wishing us to be happy. From “Happy Thanksgiving” to “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year”. Well, who wouldn’t want to be happy, like everyone else, right? That is why it is but right for us to wish others to be happy and merry, too. Our developmentally-disabled loved ones are … Continue reading

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Identifying A Secret Alcoholic: 7 Warning Signs To Watch Out For

Are you starting to suspect that your loved one is abusing alcohol? While it is not always easy to determine alcoholism, since alcoholics tend to deny or hide the extent of their drinking; here are some warning signs that you should watch out for. Physical symptoms. Blotchy or red skin; flushed face; trembling hands – … Continue reading

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5 Significant Warning Signs That It Is Time For You To Seek Therapy

Just as you visit your primary care physician when you feel physically sick; it is equally as important that you visit a therapist when you feel mentally unwell as well. Contrary to the stigma around therapy and mental disorders, seeking therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. At Better Home Healthcare of GA, we provide … Continue reading

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