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Say Stop to Bullying!

Bullying has become an epidemic. It is a serious epidemic which results to death threats, harassment, physical harm, and to some extent, loss of innocent lives. In today’s modern world, bullying has transposed into the world of technology where cyber bullying has reached its heyday. Bullying prevention starts at home, and it is important to … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About School: 4 Things to Never Say to Your Children

Let’s face it. There’s no universal book on parenting even if we wanted to have one. Parenting strategies depend on you and your children; what might work for you might not work for the other parents. Parenthood is all about incorporating what you learned about being a parent, what you think you should do as … Continue reading

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Cutting Back On Your Alcohol Consumption

When you have noticed that alcohol has consumed your life in such a way that you cannot fully function at your best, then you have fallen into the pits of alcohol dependence. Being dependent on alcohol can lead you into a sorry state, and it is imperative to find means to stop your addiction. Cutting … Continue reading

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3 Easy Ways to Help Build Your Family Cohesion

It’s hard to reconcile with your family after a fight or a series of fights. Your views are different, you can’t stand a sibling’s or a parent’s attitude or personality, or they might be subjecting you to various forms of abuse. Even though it’s hard to reconcile, it isn’t impossible. If there are issues between … Continue reading

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Get to Know the Long-Term Effects of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse has become an escape for addicts from problems, depressions, or boredoms. It’s a very hard habit to kick with horrible long-term effects. The temporary bliss and escape provided by drugs or alcohol can blind a person from the reality of its harm and risk. It is important that people suffering from substance and/or … Continue reading

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