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How Communication Can Help Save Your Child

The family is the basic unit of society. Hence, our children need the right care and attention that each parent has to give. But over time, family communication and bonding have become a rare thing between parents and children. With little guidance from parents, children tend to believe their peers and the other people they … Continue reading

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Teenager Behaviors: What’s Normal and What’s Not

The teen years involve a lot of quirky behaviors. A child may be happy-go-lucky at one time and becomes the opposite sooner or later. Social issues and mental health problems are also common during adolescence. That is why parents must know what’s normal and what’s not in terms of teen behavior. Normal Teen Behaviors Teenagers … Continue reading

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Six Signs That You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships can involve a lot of playful dates and happy stories. However, some women think that romantic relationships will only cause them stress and never-ending drama. And while some signs of an unhealthy and damaging relationship can be easily spotted, some people may not be aware of them. It can be easy to determine physical … Continue reading

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What is an Intervention?

Do you like to drink a little too much? Do you get a bit too wild when you are intoxicated or perhaps you cannot go a minute without having some kind of alcoholic beverage? This is a problem that many people have across the country. It does not just have to be alcohol. It can … Continue reading

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The Importance of Communication

When everyone is talking but no one is listening, this is the perfect recipe for discord within a home. In order to promote harmony within the family unit, the key to success is communication. Communication is so important and this can make the difference between a fight and a friendly discussion. Better Home Healthcare of … Continue reading

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