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Why Family Counseling Is More Important than You Think

The family is the basic unit of society. But each family has its own histories and struggles, with each having their own way to cope and go about with things. Each family is a unique case, and sometimes therapy seems to be a necessary intervention. Bradley D. Ogilvie, MS, LPC, LMFT shares in an article … Continue reading

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Things to Know About Bullying

Bullying has been a big problem ever since, and it still is. It is most common among students in school. Knowing this, you’re probably concerned for your kids. As a parent, you would definitely not want them to experience bullying and the effects of it, as they can potentially be harmful. But what is bullying … Continue reading

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6 Important Signs That You Need Family Counseling

At Better Home Healthcare of GA, we recognize that not all families are stable and happy. While all families occasionally experience fights and troubles and are able to resolve them, there are some families whose predicaments require professional intervention. This is where we can help. We provide Family Intervention Services for families who are seeking … Continue reading

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Bullying: The Warning Signs and Types of Bullying That You Should Watch Out For

Bullying is an aggressive, intentional, and repeated behavior that is used to intimidate and hurt others. It is common among school aged children and try as we might, it can be difficult to prevent. As a parent, you would naturally want to protect your children against bullying, however, it can be unavoidable at times. Children … Continue reading

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Tips for Managing Your Child’s Behavior

What are the different things that you have noticed in your children’s behavior? Are they behaved now or has their behavior gone out of control? During the different stages that children undergo upon growing up, we will experience different behavioral changes that will affect their actions and way of thinking. As parents, we must prepare … Continue reading

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